Robotics & Engineering – Ms. Cusick

Sixth Grade – The sixth grade spent 6 weeks working on their amusement park.  Below are some of the rides that they created.

This is the first time a train has been made for the St. Agnes Amusement Park.

These girls have almost finished their swing.

Wonderful job on the haunted house!

First ever climbing wall in our Amusement Park. Note the safety lines – I love it.


Third Grade – The third grade is exploring gearing.  We built two different types of merry-go-rounds.  One used gearing up and the other gearing down.

Now the children are building either a revolving sign for the circus or a game with moving targets.  We have had some very creative ideas.

Two third graders with their revolving circus sign.

A close up of the revolving sign using gearing up and changing the direction of the motion.

The third graded continued to explore gearing up by making hand mixers with Lego bricks.

Two third graders test their hand mixer using gearing up.

Fifth Grade – The fifth grade is exploring simple machines.  We began with first, second and third class levers.  They then designed a device that would help the elderly pick up things from the floor without bending down.

After exploring wheels and axles the fifth grade build wind-powered vehicles.  It was amazing the number of different “sails” that were used and the different ways to attach those sails.

A wind powered vehicle.

Another wind powered vehicle with a completely different sail.

Then the fifth graders learned about pulleys and made fishing rods.

The kids gathered around the old fishin’ hole.

In addition to learning about pulleys, they learned that fishing takes lots of patience.

 Fourth Grade – The fourth grade designed and built a Mars Rover.  Then they programmed the Rover to move around the Mars landscape and rescue 3 injured astronauts.

One example of a Mars Rover.


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