Library – Mrs. Cameron

Welcome to the library page!   Not only do the students select home reading books during class, but they also work on creative writing  assignments.  The focus on writing is important because it allows for creativity as well as allowing the student to use his or her English grammar and spelling skills.  Below is an overview of basic guidelines that are in place in the library:

Books For Home Reading:  Each week during library class the students select one book for home reading.  That book is due the following week during the student’s scheduled library class.  Should the book not be returned, the student may not select a new book until the current book in their possession is returned.

Books for Reports:  Any books selected for reports do not have to be returned to the library until the student is done writing the report that he or she is writing.

Lost or damaged books:  In the event of a lost or damaged book, a copy of the same book would have to be replaced as soon as possible.

Grades K1A and K2A:  The students in both classes will select books for home reading.  I will be reading stories to them, and in some cases, they will produce an illustration based on that story.

Grades 1-3:  Books for home reading and reports will be selected, and we will begin work on various writing assignments.  in all three classes, in preparation for Catholic Schools Week, we will work on writing assignments about peace.

Grade 4:  The students will select books for home reading and reports.   In preparation for Catholic Schools Week, we will work on a writing assignment about peace.

Grade 5:  Home reading books and/or report books will be selected.  NOTE CHANGE:  Where the students read “Holes” last year, we will be reading “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.  Before we begin “Wonder” the students will complete their Halloween writing assignment.  The students will also complete their writing assignments on Yellowstone National Park.

If you have any questions regarding our library curriculum or any other issue that might arise, please e-mail me at