Latin – Mr. Binus


Latin 6

The 7-2 vocab quiz will be during your second class this week. Make sure to study!


Stage 7-1 vocab


Latin 7

Red: For Thursday, prepare lines 1-15 of Ad Urbem. The stage 12-2 vocab quiz will be Friday.

Teal: Complete the outline of Quintus’s argument for Thursday. Friday will be the stage 10-1 vocab quiz.

Stage 12-2 vocab

Stage 12-1vocab

Stage 10-1vocab

Stage 9-2vocab


Latin 8

Red: For Thursday, prepare practicing the Language 1 on page 13, and for Friday prepare practicing the language 2. The 21-2 vocab quiz will be next Wednesday.

Teal: Prepare stage 19’s practicing the language 2 for Wednesday. Friday will be the stage 19-1 vocab quiz.


Stage 20-1 vocab

Stage 19-2 vocab and study guide

Stage 19-1 vocab

Latin Stage 18-2 vocab

Latin 8 Teal Stage 18-1 vocab