Latin – Mr. Binus

Course Syllabus


6th grade:

We will have our Stage 1 Vocabulary quiz on Thursday. 6A won’t have Latin on Tuesday due to mass, so make sure you study on your own and come to me with questions after school if you’re concerned.

Latin 6 Stage 1 Vocabulary

7 Teal:

For Thursday, study up for your stage 1-3 vocab quiz. For Friday, complete Practicing the Language 1 on p. 58.

Latin 7 Teal Stages 1-3 vocab

7 Red:

For Thursday, translate the passage Practicing the Language 2 on p. 59. On Friday, we will have the Stage 4 translation test.

8 Teal:

For Tuesday, answer the questions on the Narcissus sheet. 8A will be out on Wednesday for testing, so the only other thing to do is study the Stages 7-12 vocabulary for the quiz on Friday.

Latin 8 Teal Stages 7-12 vocab

8 Red:

For Wednesday, finish the translation of Bregans that we’ll work on in class. For Thursday, complete the British map work that we started last week. On Friday, you’ll have the Stage 13 vocab quiz. Pay attention to the second page on the list!

Latin 8 Red Stage 13 Vocabulary List