Latin – Mr. Binus


Latin 6

We’ll begin stage 9 this week and be introduced to a new case. For your second class, please finish translating “Thermae”, the first passage of this stage.


8-2 vocab



Latin 7

Red: No classes or homework for two weeks. When we return on June 5th, we will look more at Stage 14 and have one last vocab quiz.

Teal: The 12-1 quiz has been changed to being next week, Tuesday 5/30. Be ready for it then.

13-2 vocab

Stage 12-1vocab

Stage 13-1 vocab



Latin 8

Red: The final is next Wednesday, 5/31. We will review some basics by translating Crocodili Sacri for Thursday and spend Thursday reviewing participles.

Teal: For Tuesday, prepare the remainder of Astrologus Victor. For Wednesday, answer the questions about Practicing the Language 2. The final is next Wednesday, 5/31, and we will spend this Wednesday reviewing for it.



Stage 20-1 vocab

Stage 19-2 vocab and study guide