3B – Ms. Begley

Welcome to 3rd grade!  I hope that everyone had a nice weekend!  Our 3rd grade begins maptesting this week.  On Tuesday, students will take the Language test, and Thursday will be the Science test.  This is our schedule for the remainder of the week.

Spelling:  For this week, we will complete Unit 3 where students will identify words with short u spelled o and short u.  They will match the sound and use segmentation.  Students will also use analogies, inferences and context clues.  There will be a quiz on Friday, September 29th.

Reading:  Each week, we read one short story from our anthology unit.  This unit’s theme is Something Special!  For this week, we will read a mystery entitled “Nate the Great:  San Francisco Detective”.  Students will practice decoding skills and identify literary forms.  There will NOT be an open book quiz this week.

Along with the story of the week, students will read independently and meet in small reading groups using the leveled readers as a supplement.  We will identify different reading strategies in our reading journals.  This week, we are using the “I think” strategy.

Writing/Grammar:  We will introduce category labels.  This will enable them to differentiate between topic and detail sentences in a paragraph.

**Writing Prompts:  Students write daily writing prompts which relate to the story of the week.

Math:  We will finish chapter 1, Place Value.  Students will compare $ amounts.  We will also introduce the steps to solve word problems.  The chapter test is scheduled for Friday, September 29th.

Religion:  We will begin chapter 2, Sharing Faith with My Family.  We will know Jesus’ teachings on faith and the Kingdom of God.  Students will know that prayer is talking to God.

Social Studies/Science:  For Social Studies, students will know the 5 themes of geography.  They will finish their brochures identifying the 5 themes for different areas in MA.

Homework:  We have homework every night except for Fridays.  There will always be homework in 3 subject areas.  For reading, students are asked to read for 20 minutes and write in their reading logs.  They are able to choose their own independent reading book to read at home.  In addition, students will be assigned one page of math homework along with a spelling assignment.  All homework will be written in their assignment notebooks and kept in their take home folders.

Thank you for all of your help and support.  Please e-mail me at mbegley@saintagnesschool.us if you have any questions.  Enjoy the week!