3B – Ms. Begley

Welcome to 3rd grade!  I hope that everyone had a nice weekend!  This is our schedule for the week of 5/15- 5/19/17.

Spelling:  For this week, we will complete Unit 32 where students will write plural words formed by changing the y to i before adding -es.  They will identify open and closed syllables.  In addition, they will identify synonyms and use categorizing to reinforce comprehension of plurals.  There will be a quiz on Friday, May 19th

Reading:  Each week, we read one short story from our anthology unit.  This unit’s theme is Good Neighbors!  For this week, we will read an informational narrative entitled “Armadillo from Amarillo”.  Students will identify the cause and effect situations throughout the text.  They will also practice making inferences.  There will be an open book quiz this week.

Along with the story of the week, students will read independently and meet in small reading groups using the leveled readers as a supplement.  We will identify different reading strategies in our reading journals.  This week, we are using the “I wonder…maybe” strategy.

Writing/Grammar:  Students will finish the steps in writing with their planet research papers.  We will also introduce adverbs.  Students will know the difference between adverbs that tell when or how often, where and how.

**Writing Prompts:  Students write daily writing prompts which relate to the story of the week.  Students will also write their own shape poems.

Math:  We will continue chapter 9, Geometry.  Students will recognize lines of symmetry and draw the matching half of a symmetrical figure.  They will also identify solid figures and attributes of solid figures.  In addition, they will know how to find the perimeter, area and volume of a given shape.

Religion:  We will begin chapter 12, God Calls us to Holiness.  Students will know that each of us is called to serve in a particular way.  Everyone is called to be holy.

Social Studies/Science:  For Science, we will continue chapter 5 on Matter.  As a class, we will make Oobleck and identify its properties.  Students will know the different properties of a solid, liquid, and gas.

Homework:  We have homework every night except for Fridays.  There will always be homework in 3 subject areas.  For reading, students are asked to read for 20 minutes and write in their reading logs.  They are able to choose their own independent reading book to read at home.  In addition, students will be assigned one page of math homework along with a spelling assignment.  All homework will be written in their assignment notebooks and kept in their take home folders.

We will also continue to study for our timed multiplication tests.  This week, students will retake previous tests.  The students will take a 5 minute timed tests at the end of the week.  A multiplication log will go home with names of websites for students to practice a little each night.

Thank you for all of your help and support.  Please e-mail me at mbegley@saintagnesschool.us if you have any questions.  Enjoy the week!