3B – Ms. Begley

Welcome to 3rd grade!  I hope that everyone had a nice weekend!  Our field trip to the Aquarium is scheduled for this Thursday, March 30th.  The students can wear their gym uniforms.  In addition, they have a choice to either bring a lunch or buy a lunch at the cafeteria in the Aquarium.  We are looking forward to the trip!  This is our schedule for the remainder of the week.

Spelling:  For this week, we will complete Unit 25 where students will read, sort, spell and write words with double consonants.  Students will use context clues and categorization to reinforce comprehension of words with double consonants.  As always, we will continue to practice our proofreading skills.  There will be a quiz on Friday, March 31st.

Reading:  Each week, we read one short story from our anthology unit.  This unit’s theme is Good Neighbors!  For this week, we will read a historical fiction entitled “Boom Town”.  Students will identify main idea versus details.  They will also make connections to references and resources.  In addition, they will be able to draw conclusions.  There will NOT be an open book quiz on Friday.

Along with the story of the week, students will read independently and meet in small reading groups using the leveled readers as a supplement.  We will identify different reading strategies in our reading journals.  This week, we are using the “I wonder…maybe” strategy.

Writing/Grammar:  Students will identify descriptive adjectives in a sentence.  There will be an adjective mini-quiz on Wednesday.  

After reading The Legend of the Easter Egg, students will make water color Easter Eggs and create shape poems with many descriptive adjectives for Easter.

**Writing Prompts:  Students write daily writing prompts which relate to the story of the week.

Math:  We will finish chapter 7, Statistics and Probability.  This week, students will use a bar graph or pictograph to solve problems.  They will also learn different strategies to solve word problems.  There will be a review on Wednesday for our chapter 7 test this Friday, March 31st.

Religion:  We will continue chapter 11, Parish is Our Home.  Students will understand that we belong to a parish and explore ways in which the parish worships.  Students will also be able to introduce ministries in which people serve the parish and examine ways in which the parish cares for others.   There will be a school mass on Tuesday.

Social Studies/Science:  For Social Studies, we will introduce chapter 8, Technology Changes Communities.  Students will understand the cause and effect relationship when developing new technology.  We will make a class timeline to demonstrate how technology with communication has changed over the year.

Homework:  We have homework every night except for Fridays.  There will always be homework in 3 subject areas.  For reading, students are asked to read for 20 minutes and write in their reading logs.  They are able to choose their own independent reading book to read at home.  In addition, students will be assigned one page of math homework along with a spelling assignment.  All homework will be written in their assignment notebooks and kept in their take home folders.

We will also begin to study for our timed multiplication tests.  This week, students will practice their 12’s tables.  The students will take a 5 minute timed test on Friday, March 31st.  A multiplication log will go home with names of websites for students to practice a little each night.

Thank you for all of your help and support.  Please e-mail me at mbegley@saintagnesschool.us if you have any questions.  Enjoy the week!