2B – Ms. Lepore

This week in second grade,

This week there is an early release day on both Wednesday and Thursday but those are not tag days. I look forward to meeting with all of you for parent teacher conferences!

Some of the things we will be working on are:

Literacy: This week we will be starting unit 4 in our literacy program. The unit is called circling the sun. Our vocabulary words for this week are, daily, orbit, and position. We will be working on ue and ui vowel patterns and we will also be starting to talk about nouns and different types of nouns. We will start to talk about the difference between common and proper nouns. We will be looking at how to write an observation log and when we use that in our every day life. 

Math: This week we will be continuing to talk about place value up to the tens place. We will be working on the value of a certain digit and the expanded form of a number. 

Religion: This week we will be focusing on the sacrament of confirmation. We will be talking about when we receive the sacrament of confirmation and what it means when we receive this. We will also be talking about how this holds the holy spirit with us or seals the holy spirit in us. 

Science/Social Studies: We started our maps and globes social studies until last week. So far we have talked about how we all live in a house,in a neighborhood, in a city or town. This week we will be talking about states, what state we live in and the states that are around us.

Special Schedule:

Monday: art    Tuesday: Music   Wednesday: Library and Spanish  Thursday: Gym  Friday: Computer






If you have any questions, please e-mail me at jlepore@saintagnesschool.us.