K1 – Ms. Healy

In K1 we’ve been working on the following:

Literacy-  K1 is up to the letter “G”. The class is getting better and better at tracing and writing letters on their own and practicing writing their name each day. We are also starting to practice letter/sound cards each day so students can begin both recognizing letters and their corresponding sounds. K1 really enjoys story time and have begun reading Winter and Christmas themed books!

Math- In Math we are practicing a lot of counting each day. We count practice during calendar, counting different objects in the classroom and love singing different number songs using the Smart board like “Count to 100” and  counting by tens singing “Climbing Up the Mountain”.

Religion–  In Religion, K1 has continued to talk about prayer, why we pray and practicing our prayers each day. We have discussed how God has made everything around us and we should be thankful to God and Jesus. We also talk about how to be a follower of Jesus and act as a kind person to all. We have visited Saint Agnes Church and have met Father Jack many times and are excited to go to mass for the first time in December with our 5th grade buddies!! We talk a lot about what is expected when we go to Church, sitting quietly and behaving respectfully. We have begun talking about the story of Christmas and Advent as well.

Social Studies/Science- K1 loved talking about Thanksgiving and learning all about the very first one with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. We’ve talked a lot about what we are thankful for. We are starting to talk a lot about Christmas now! We are also talking about Winter and how animals get ready for the cold and hibernation.

Monday– Art

Tuesday– Spanish, Library (please return book)

Please email Mrs. Cameron at bcameron@saintagnesschool.us regarding all library book problems. 

Wednesday– Music

Thursday– Gym (please wear/bring in sneakers)

Friday– Computers

Please email me with any questions or concerns at mhealy@saintagnesschool.us


Ms. Healy

K1 Teacher