Pre-Kindergarten (K1)

PreK Photo Pic1

In Pre-Kindergarten (K1), there are eighteen children, one licensed teacher, and one assistant teacher. We follow a daily curriculum consisting of free play, literacy, science, math, technology, social studies, religion, and various other specials. We implement the “Investigations” curriculum by Sadlier, which consists of fun and interactive components based on each subject area. For religion, we use Pflaum’s “Seeds” curriculum and accompanying workbooks and handouts, while also implementing various stories and activities.

We follow the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for PreK, while also implementing as much of the Kindergarten frameworks to help prepare students early. The curriculum is centered around play, and consists of a mini-lesson for each subject daily followed by hands-on activities. The curriculum is carefully designed around the students, and every student’s want and need is taken into consideration. We strive to help each student set and achieve appropriate academic and social goals to help them get the most out of their K1 experience. We learn a lot in K1, but always have fun!

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