8B – Mrs. Ciarlone

Welcome to Mrs. Ciarlone’s Webpage

On this page you will find an overview of assignments and lesson for 7th grade – Social Studies  and Religion   s well as 8th Grade – Social Studies (8A/ 8B and Religion ( 8B only)

Week of October 3

There is testing this week so students will miss some of their classes. All students must bring their fully charged Chromebook to class this week for testing. 

Grade 7 Social Studies ( Geography  

This week we are working on Time Zones and Types of Maps. Students will have a packet to complete on both topics this week



Religion: 7A/ 7B Vocabulary terms on pages 24/ 25 and reading

Grade 8 Social Studies. 

Chapter 5-2- We are completing the readings and discussion on the New England Colonies. Students have questions on  Rhode Island and Connecticut to research and answer.  We are also reading Primary Source letters about life in Massachusetts in 1635, and  a first hand account of King Philip’s War. There are Activity worksheets relating to both readings.