Junior High: Grades 7 & 8

St. Agnes’ Junior High program continues to expand upon concepts learned in the intermediate grades and students begin to learn important life skills.

Junior High Photo Pic3

Religion for seventh graders focuses on developing morality and conscience and on relating the life of Jesus to today’s teenager.  The theme of the eighth grade program is the history and mission of the Catholic Church.  Group work, role-playing, and projects are an integral part of these courses.

Students in the junior high are given the option to study Latin or Spanish.  Latin begins with basic grammar and vocabulary.  Students then use their knowledge to translate passages.  The course also acquaints the student with the history and culture of the Roman people.

In Literature class, students read and write in a variety of genres and forms. Special emphasis is given to close reading skills which students develop by analyzing texts and supporting claims with textual evidence. Independent reading is central to the class; students are required to read from their independent reading book every night and complete assignments connected to their book.

English grammar and composition continues to be developed with emphasis being placed on equipping the student with the skills necessary to write persuasive, explanatory, and descriptive essays.

The junior high mathematics program reviews and applies concepts learned, and further develops skills through solving relevant higher-level operations.  Those seventh grade students who are academically ready are introduced to algebra.  Algebra I is offered to prepare those eighth grade students who will be eligible for honors or advanced placement in high school.

The activity-centered science curriculum covers the structure and function of living organisms in grade seven and the study of earth and physical science in grade eight.

The study of America is a two-year course, tracing our history from the early explorers through the present.

All junior high courses utilize Google Classroom to post assignments and announcements.