6A – Ms. Grejdus

Welcome to the webpage for Grade 6A.

Week of May 29, 2017

Grammar: Students will take notes and complete practice pages on Punctuation
Creative Writing: Students will continue to explore poetry by memorizing an original poem to present at the Poetry Cafe. The Poetry Cafe will take place on June 1st from 8:05 to 9:30 a.m. This week we will also cover edit skills, sentence format review, and vocabulary enrichment.
Review Grammar Skills Quiz: Tuesday, June 6th

Social Studies:
Chapter 5 Lesson 2 India and Persia
Student will read and take notes on the lesson, complete corresponding workbook pages, ans participate in class discussion.  Students have been assigned a research project. Each student was given a packet that lists expectations and requirements. Students will be guided through the process and be given time to work on some of it during class. As time permits we will play country trivia.
Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Quiz: Monday, June 5th
Research Project (poster or slide show): Wednesday, May 31st

Wordly Wise Lesson 15 Test on Wednesday, May31st
Students complete workbook pages, graphic organizer, and participate in an online review game in preparation for the test.
Spotlight on Literature: “Exploring the Titanic”
How can you prepare for a trip? Students will discuss this question and take notes on selected literary elements.
Book Report: Great job on the book reports! 

Unit 35 Test on Thursday, June 1st

Chapter 8
Students will read, take notes, use an online resource to review, and work in small groups to explore the themes in this chapter. Students will be writing cards to their second grade buddies on the occasion of their First Holy Communion. Students will work collaboratively  to explore the different books of the Bible.  We will read and complete activities from the Venture Magazine which focuses on the the weekly Gospel.
Chapter 8 Test: Friday, June 9th

If you have any questions regarding the Grade 6 curriculum, please e-mail Ms. Grejdus at pgrejdus@saintagnesschool.us.