Prescription Medications

Every effort should be made to schedule medication outside of school.  When this is not possible, or your child should require prescription medication at school, the following guidelines shall be implemented.  Please read the following carefully:

Prescription medication to be administered during school hours needs to be brought to the school by an adult in the original container from the pharmacy with a label. The medication also needs to be accompanied by a letter from the prescribing physician detailing the name, dose, route, times, and reason for the medication. All specific concerns should also be listed. A form (see bottom of page for link) can be downloaded from this page if your pediatrician does not have their own form. Absolutely NO medication will be given out without this information.

All medications will be kept and distributed by the school nurse.  For the safety of all the children no medication should be brought to school unless it is to be given during the school day by the school nurse or designee.  A parent or guardian should bring the medication to the Health Office between 7:50 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The Health Office must have written doctor’s orders for any instances where an exception may need to be made and the child needs to keep a medication with them at all times (for example, epi-pens, inhalers).  This information will be documented and kept on file in the Health Office.  It is recommended that a second inhaler or epi-pen be kept at the Health Office in the case of an emergency.  For the well-being and safety of all the children, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The “Prescription Medications Permission Form” can be downloaded and printed (PDF format) on our Medical Forms page.