Food Allergies

A message from our school nurse, Mrs. Kelly Edwards, R.N.

I would like to remind everyone that we do have several food allergies in our school. Food allergies can range from slight reactions to life threatening conditions. Please help us to keep our entire student body safe by reminding your children not to share snacks or lunches with other students. All baked snacks in the cafeteria may NOT be nut / peanut free; neither are the vending machine snacks. Chips and popcorn products can be manufactured in peanut oil. Snacks are commonly made in facilities that have nut / peanut products. Cross contamination can be dangerous. WE ARE NOT A PEANUT / NUT FREE SCHOOL!

When possible, if parents and students could find alternatives to peanuts or nut-based products during the school day, it would be very helpful. It is not easy to remember all the different ways these products can be introduced to a child. Therefore, it is extremely important that teachers are made aware of plans to bring in food to the classroom. This allows them to properly notify other parents to help avoid any adverse effects. I am also going to request that if a snack is sent into school to share with the class that you please include the label of ingredients so that we can all help keep our children safe.

I am providing a link to a website that contains a list of nut / peanut free snacks. This list is updated frequently (approximately every two weeks). The website is:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns by phone (781) 643-9031- extension 116, or by e-mail (

Thank you for your cooperation!