Our Philosophy

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Saint Agnes School is committed to teaching the Gospel message of Christ;  to building a community of faculty, staff and students that is characterized by sharing, educating and believing;  and to serving through prayer, worship and social action.

We are committed to promoting excellence in education and to fostering a positive atmosphere of self-learning, critical thinking and peace-making.  We believe in working with the youth of the School to develop the skills to recognize and respond, as educated Christians, to injustices that exist within societies.

From the philosophy of St. Agnes School evolve these goals:

  1. To foster personal development according to Gospel principles
  2. To develop an individual and communal relationship with God
  3. To provide an atmosphere that enables students to desire excellence
  4. To challenge students to think critically and to communicate effectively
  5. To provide students with knowledge and understanding of mathematics and the sciences, encouraging exploration and discovery as well as the acquisition of facts
  6. To provide opportunities to understand and appreciate the arts, to discover and develop talents and interests and to be creative through various media
  7. To help students develop and preserve physical and mental health
  8. To encourage a spirit of service within the school, the family, the local and the global community