Saint Agnes School, as a Catholic School, strives to foster in its students strong academic achievement with personal character development as a foundation for living the Gospel message of Christ in the twenty-first century.

Saint Agnes School was established in 1888 and is rich in history and tradition.  Here, talented, dedicated teachers and staff help students develop spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially. Together they help children grow into self-reliant, compassionate adults who are ready to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Academic excellence is enhanced by our music, art, computer, and language programs which begin in Kindergarten.  Monthly liturgies, daily prayer, and service projects are a major part of our spiritual development.

The facilities at Saint Agnes School include the following:

  • A Computer Lab with 26 new PCs, 8 printers, scanners, digital cameras, a projector and a television with a dvd player
  • Computers with Internet access and printers in every classroom
  • Art and music classrooms
  • A fully staffed Learning Center
  • A Science Lab with several computers, a classroom set of microscopes, a 30-gallon aquarium, various weather instruments and sets of triple beam balances. There is access to single-celled organisms, squid, mollusks, various arthropods, fish and bird skeletons. We also have new texts for both seventh and eighth grades which are available online.
  • Our fully equipped Library and Media Center includes many dvds, a computer with Internet access and a printer, and a full reference section with encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and almanacs. There are many fiction and nonfiction books, as well as sections with seasonal, summer reading and religious books. The library also contains a number of magazine subscriptions.
  • A lunch room with cafeteria service
  • An auditorium with a stage and a sound system
  • Access to a full-sized gym at the Fidelity House on the Saint Agnes Parish Campus.